5 Ways Storage Facilities Help To Protect Your Items

5 Ways Storage Facilities Help To Protect Your Items

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Most experts agree that everyone should find a place where they can store important documents and items that they don’t use often. A self-storage unit can prove to be especially useful when it comes to doing just that. In today’s world, advances in security and technology have enabled storage units to provide a level of security that’s vastly superior to that of a typical unit in the past. Let’s take a look at the advanced ways in which storage facilities protect your items.

Installed CCTV

1) Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has always been a crucial feature to implement when building a self storage facility. In today’s world, gone are the days where cameras were only able to take fuzzy, unreliable low quality images. In today’s world storage facilities use 4K quality cameras that are equipped with motion sensors and night vision. Facility managers are able to use video surveillance to hold individuals accountable in the event that someone damages or steals from a storage unit. Additionally, most facilities conduct 24 hour video surveillance which is supervised by a dedicated team of staff members. Most surveillance systems also come equipped with digital video recorders which store recorded videos for a minimum of 30 days.

2) Access Control Systems

Another important feature that is implemented in the midst of building a self storage facility is access control systems. Most storage facilities utilise access control systems as opposed to the traditional lock and key system, when it comes to entering and exiting the premises. As such, only authorised individuals who have a keycard can enter the premises in the first place. In some instances, renters may also be given a unique code to use on a dial pad or remotes to gain access to the facility. In addition to that, each time someone enters the premises, the facility manager is tasked with tracking said person which furthermore helps to increase the facility’s overall level of security,9

3) Unit Insurance

Another thing storage facilities do to provide peace of mind to their customers is to offer individual unit insurance. In fact, most places won’t allow you to rent without signing up for an insurance policy.

4) Climate Controlled

Not only do storage facilities protect your items from theft and vandalism, it protects them from harsh weather conditions as well. Most storage companies provide climate controlled units which keep the humidity and temperature within an acceptable range. Depending on what you plan to store, this is especially beneficial because certain items such as electronics and photography are susceptible to humidity and extreme heat.

Modern door alarms

5) Individual Door Alarms

Facial recognition is regarded as being one of the top technologies to install when it comes to building a self storage facility in today’s world. As more storage facilities realise how useful facial recognition can be, they have started to implement it within their existing security systems. For instance, some facilities implement individual door alarms with a facial recognition camera. In a situation like that, if the camera doesn’t recognise the individual who is attempting to go into a given unit, it will sound an alarm and notify the facility manager immediately. This is yet another prime example on how the storage industry is continuously looking for modern solutions to providing their customers with the highest levels of security.



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