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Good security is one of the main reasons why a potential tenant would pick your Self Storage facility over a nearby competitor. That’s why facility security is one of the first elements we tackle during our Self Storage consultancy sessions with clients here at Steel Storage. Here are our top picks of protective measures to boost your business and give your tenants peace of mind.

1.    Perimeter fencing

Metal fencing or concrete walls that encompass your property is usually your facility’s first line of defence against intruders. We can help you decide which kind of fencing will best protect your facility.

2.    Coded entry doors and alarm systems

PIN coded access to facility buildings is a standard security feature of modern Self Storage spaces. Some facilities even use computer-controlled coded entry doors on individual storage units for added protection.

Our Self Storage consultancy services include advice on adding intruder alert systems in buildings and individual storage units for clients who specialise in commercial or government document storage. As one of the leading Self Storage consultancy services in Australia, we offer a number of keypads and alarm systems that can be easily incorporated into your new construction, renovation, or expansion project.

3.    Good lighting

Having adequate lighting is a basic element of any Self Storage facility, and Steel Storage can guide your choice of light types and placement for optimised security. We can even help you to gain long-term cost savings with the installation of energy-efficient lighting and solar energy panels.

4.     High-quality construction materials and industrial grade locks

A storage facility constructed of premium grade steel wall panels, doors, and locks like the ones offered by Steel Storage has built-in safeguards against theft.

5.    Recorded 24-hour video surveillance

The possibility of being caught on camera is enough to deter most burglars. That’s why we offer closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems that include cameras and digital data recordings. We also provide software that allows operators to control all aspects of their facility’s security system, which includes cameras, alarms, and lighting.

6.    Smoke detectors and fire alarms

A fire in your storage facility has the potential to impact the lives and valuables of many people. We advise our clients about the placement and number of smoke detectors their facilities will need to comply with local building ordinances and to safeguard their investment.

7.    On-site manager or security guard

We realise your level of facility security depends upon the market you choose to serve. For instance, a storage facility that houses recreational vehicles and exotic cars will need more security than a standard Self Storage facility.

In cases like these, our Self Storage consultancy recommendations may include employing an on-site manager or security guard. We can include integrated guard shacks or management quarters into the design of your facility.

If hiring these types of resources is not feasible, we offer a software application that allows you to view your security and surveillance systems remotely.

8.    Emergency intercom or phone system

Giving your tenants easy access to an intercom system which connects them to on-site management, security guards, or the police during emergencies is sure to make them feel safer about visiting your facility at any time.

If you’d like to learn more about our Self Storage consultancy or security services, contact us today!