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The need for Self Storage space is not going away. People often need extra space when they downsize after retirement, decide to start a new business, or welcome family members to live in their homes for temporary time periods. These are the people who are igniting the demand for Self Storage across the nation. Would-be facility operators can attempt to capitalise on this trend by planting facilities in city and suburban centres that are near their targeted customers. Here’s how they use premium Self Storage designs to capture their share of this lucrative market.

High-end Self Storage designs bring positive responses from community developers

If location is king in the Self Storage industry, then facility design must be its queen. A combination of population growth, immigration, and domestic migration has caused land values in many desirable urban and suburban areas to soar. As a result, storage facility operators not only have to deal with pricier real estate, but they also must clear the tougher hurdles set in place by community developers and urban planners.

Civic leaders want to place businesses in those advantageous commercial spots that will enhance the overall appearance of the area. It’s difficult for storage facilities that look like dull, concrete fortresses to compete with chic boutiques and cafes. One way to garner favour with city planners and urban development departments is to generate Self Storage designs that complement the current or future development initiatives for a particular area.

Distinctive Self Storage designs attract specialty storage facility shoppers

While many people are downsizing to comfortable condominiums out of necessity, others are living the lifestyle they’ve always wanted to live. They’ve acquired luxuries such as recreational vehicles, boats, exotic cars, and motorcycles that need secure storage.

The concrete, fortress-style storage facility may be secure, but perceptions rule in these cases. Storage facilities with contemporary designs are generally thought to have more modern, tech-based security features.

Upgraded Self Storage designs result in favourable recognition for the entire industry

Aesthetics count with potential customers, but they also impact the markets in which Self Storage facilities operate. Self Storage facilities have a rather dubious image that is bolstered in part by television shows that highlight units filled with odds and ends from cash-strapped, delinquent tenants who have abandoned their things. This isn’t the image most communities want to cultivate. Upscale Self Storage designs help to attract good tenants, as well as help to dispel negative stereotypes for the entire Self Storage industry.

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