How to Avoid Setbacks During the Build Process

How to Avoid Setbacks During the Build Process

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Are you looking forward to building a storage facility? There are many factors that you should consider so that you can avoid some of the setbacks that arise during the building process. Some of the major tips that you should consider when building a storage facility include:

Come up with a Site Plan

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As you formulate a site plan, you should also pay attention to the self storage unit mix; these two elements are crucial when constructing such a facility. You should also look into some of the civil engineering requirements, customer needs analysis and the cost of the construction.

Some of the major factors that you may consider include visibility, location, traffic flow, and demographics. Also, understanding the industry dynamics will come in handy during the planning process.

Another factor to consider is hiring the right engineer and architect; these professionals will coordinate to develop the site plan. Always rely on professionals who are knowledgeable about the self storage industry.

The Zoning Process

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You may be wondering, what is zoning? Well, the zoning process comprises of laws and regulations that are used to determine the land uses that are prohibited or permitted. Some of the zoning laws usually divide the municipalities land into different categories, and they include:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Recreational

In most instances, the self storage facilities will not fall under any of the categories that have been mentioned. In this case, you have to request for conditional or permitted use. Some of the major cities usually put self-storage under the conditional use category.

The permitted use does not require politics or public hearings. The main focus is on meeting the requirements, including landscaping, setbacks, and how the storage facility will be insured. The conditional use permit has been designed to ensure there is flexibility within each of the present zoning laws. To gain access to such a permit, you are supposed to file an application. Also, you should have a set of the site drawings that should be evaluated by the Planning Commission. A public hearing will be held, and the individuals attending the hearing will cast a vote on whether the project should proceed or not.

Landscaping and Unit Mix

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After the zoning process is complete, you are supposed to comply with different costs and the tax regulations. When building a storage facility, you can ensure that it is modernized depending on the specific design that you have chosen. Make sure that you have a strong curb appeal since it will stand out, and you can easily attract a huge client base.

Make sure you have chosen the right unit mix. Make sure you have conducted some market research while also looking into the right unit mix that will meet the local demand.

Final Thoughts

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Other factors that you should consider while building a storage facility include security and safety. Customer safety matters. In this case, a secure self storage facility will ensure the valuables of the clients are safe. You can install a perimeter wall and security cameras.

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