Most popular and effective self storage facility layouts

Most popular and effective self storage facility layouts

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The idea for Self Storage design seems to have started in Texas in the early 60s, and its practicality let it spread rapidly around the world. With about 3,450 sites in Australia and New Zealand, the convenient locations that safely store possessions continue to grow in popularity. The Australian trend started in Western Sydney in the 70s, but it languished until the late 80s when it got a rebirth of energy that propels it into a rapidly expanding industry.


Taking a Fresh Approach

No longer acceptable as rows of white, single-story buildings in industrial areas, the service buildings need owners who understand Self Storage design. It brings fresh approaches that make facilities acceptable in residential communities. Architecture features that offer colour and materials that once belonged only on “high-end office buildings” make the structures attractive and acceptable. An image gallery reveals how creative design and expert engineering can help owners and investors take a fresh approach. Creativity and innovation do not have to cost more than ordinary construction, and they may provide benefits that exceed expectation. Consumers as well as residents tend to appreciate the respect that investors show for communities with beautiful architecture that complements its surroundings.


Popular thought on contemporary design supports the concept that it requires a combination of art and science. Market factors contribute to choosing the “site layout and the unit mix,” and traffic flow as well as building size require consideration. Some detailed drawings can provide perspective on the complexity that faces owners when choosing to incorporate Self Storage design into a facility.


Finding Popular and Effective New Trends

Self Storage design pertains to the entire development and not only to aesthetic components that enhance the appearance of a facility. Practical considerations can affect the cost of construction as well as the conveniences that make customers prefer a specific location. Owners who want to achieve a competitive advantage by using Self Storage design elements accept the demise of unimaginative structures that clients no longer want to use. The days when a flat concrete slab and rows of garage type buildings sufficed for Self Storage design have passed into obscurity. The space-age designs that make a facility popular and effective require evaluating every aspect of a property to make sure that it measures up to desirable standards.


  • Site Development

The convenience that innovative site development can make may create the difference between a customer signing a contract or deciding to choose another location. The placement of buildings that can use the natural curvature of the land may save money on the cost of site development. When the variations in elevation create a significant difference, owners may prefer to choose a split-level design to prevent the need to do an excessive amount of grading. A popular and effective site plan avoids site elevations that use retaining walls that add considerably to the cost of development. Grading offers a more advantageous method for shaping a facility site than retaining walls.


  • Paving

Owners face the difficult choices between the two most popular methods for paving: asphalt or concrete. The preferences of customers contribute to the decision-making process as well. Asphalt provides a smoother surface, costs less and takes less time to install than concrete. It needs more maintenance than the harder surface, but the repairs to cracks require minimal effort. The black material shrinks and expands without consequences, but changes in temperature and extreme pressure can crack concrete. Oil leaks from vehicle traffic attract no attention, but gasoline spills can affect an asphalt surface. While the automotive products do not alter the structure of concrete, they stain it and make it look unattractive. A combination of concrete and asphalt may provide the most economical and practical paving choice when owners use asphalt for driveways and concrete for turning areas. Concrete offers a more durable surface than asphalt.


  • Infrastructure

Management of water flow can add significant costs to site development, and innovative Self Storage design can create ways to control it. The most economical and popular way to manage it lets it flow across the surface instead of installing underground pipe. Architects and engineers can design drive elevations that avoid the need for storm drainage when owners request it.


Accepting Popular and Effective Design Features

The layout of the exterior can make as much of an impression on a potential customer as the attention to detail in the interior.


  • Approaches, Driveways and Turning Radius

Entries need at least 25 feet to accommodate the large rental trucks that many customers use for hauling possessions to storage. Driving a large vehicle may represent the first time that many drivers experience it. By making the internal drives at least 25 feet wide, owners can facilitate traffic flow and prevent potential damage to buildings and landscaping. The internal radius needs to measure 25 feet and the outside radius needs 50 feet.


  • Keypad Entry

High-traffic volume achieves a primary goal of owners, but it can present challenges for customers, service personnel and vendors. The most popular approaches allow room for at least three cars to wait for entry and access to a facility’s keypad. As the first stop for existing or potential customers, it needs to serve as the centrepiece of a Self Storage layout.


  • Parking

Once inside the facility grounds, customers want to find a parking spot as close to the business office as possible. Spaces must not infringe on access to the keypad and security gate system. A standard 9 x 18-foot space may let owners increase the number, but customers prefer a 10-foot width that accommodates their vehicles more efficiently.


  • Dumpsters

A convenience that customers appreciate, dumpsters give them the opportunity to dispose of possessions and to recognise an owner who thinks of their needs. Dumpsters need a straight approach that allows removal with huge trucks. As a precautionary measure, owners may choose to install bollards around buildings that face the dumpster area.

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