Remote Management with Self Storage Smart Locks

Remote Management with Self Storage Smart Locks

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The outbreak of COVID 19 has brought new challenges to the world. How to socially distance on an airplane, how to keep enough toilet paper on the shelf at grocery stores, and how to make just about every transaction “contactless”, to name just a few. Of course, some operators used a hub and spoke model or remotely managed self storage facilities before the pandemic, but many more are rushing to try to figure out remote management to combat the challenges associated with COVID 19. One way to help with this transition is to implement smart locks and gate access at your storage facility.

Doing an online rental gets you part of the way to a contactless rental, but it still requires someone to take the stores lock off the unit being rented. This hinders your ability to remotely manage and makes it a bit less of a contactless rental. It also leaves the storage unit unsecured for a period where another tenant could start using the unit set aside for this contactless rental and put their own lock on it. A smart lock helps with this process. When you rent a storage unit online, a smart locking system can see this and give access to the new tenant, without an employee having to go to the unit.

The onboarding experience is also pivotal for the tenant. Some smart locking systems use an app that forces you to choose your facility from a drop down list of hundreds of other facilities. This makes it difficult for your new tenant to access your facility and their unit without having to call your staff. Other systems make your tenants enter a site ID into their app consisting of over 20 characters. And where do they get this site ID? Again, they will likely have to call into your employees to get into your facility and their unit.


The Perfect Partner for Remote Management: Smart Storage Units

Nokē Smart Entry can help with all these issues. When your tenant rents a smart storage unit online, they receive a text with a link to download the app and a temporary password. They then download the app, enter the temporary password, set their own password, and they are able to access your facility and their unit. At the gate, your tenant can access your facility with a smartphone app. They can access their storage unit without any intervention from your staff, making Nokē Smart Entry the perfect partner for remote management.

The Bluetooth smart lock provides a higher level of security, automates manual processes like lock checks, overlocking and move-ins and allows you to charge premium rental rates for smart units with contactless entry.

Credit: Janus International Group

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