Cater To Modern Customers

Cater To Modern Customers

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Self Storage is a highly competitive industry. While in the past, facilities could offer simple, no-frills storage solutions, today’s customers are expecting more for their money. To be successful, Self Storage facilities need to understand what modern customers want and need. When you’re trying to create self storage building plans that cater to modern customers, Steel Storage can help. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind when planning your new facility.

Service and convenience

Great customer service is a given, but Self Storage facilities need to go the extra step by also providing customers with a variety of ways to connect. Eye-catching ads with easy-to-remember phone numbers just aren’t enough anymore.

Customers are looking for companies with a strong presence both in real life and online. Videos, live chats, social media platforms, an attractive website, and the latest Self Storage designs can all enhance your brand and help build your clientele.

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Not everyone has the kind of schedule that allows them to access their storage unit during business hours. For this reason, 24-hour access is often a highly-desired feature in a Self Storage facility. Customers can access their properties on the weekends, evenings, or late at night, providing them with the flexibility they need.

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Security features

Security is essential for all Self Storage facilities. When customers entrust their belongings to a Self Storage facility, they need to know it will be safe and not be pilfered, vandalised, lost, or damaged by the elements.

The best self storage building plans feature at least perimeter fencing, CCTV, and bright lighting throughout the facilities, as well as fire protection systems. Passcode gates, secure building access, recessed locks, individual alarms, and on-site security are also great options.

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Climate-control systems

While some items can be stored easily in any environment, others are more sensitive and can be damaged by excessive heat, humidity, or temperature fluctuations. Climate-control storage facilities can be used to protect electronics, artwork, documents, and other delicate items and is a definite must for all self storage building plans.

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In-demand amenities

Self Storage facilities need to offer more than an empty locker or room for people to store their property and it’s important to create accurate self storage building plans that reflect these needs. Your facility needs to offer customers a clean, safe, and reliable storage unit with a variety of amenities to appeal to different needs.

Consider adding other perks to appeal to visitors as they arrive to drop off, check on, or pick up their belongings. Coffee, tea, and other refreshments served in a clean, bright seating area will make a positive impression on your visitors’ minds.

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Every Self Storage facility offers slightly different options. Whether you have just a few basic units or a vast array of sizes and types, adding these features can help you better meet the needs of your customers and provide them with a more valuable service. If you need help finding the best ways to cater to your modern customers, contact the team at Steel Storage today!

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