The Importance of Security in a Storage Facility

The Importance of Security in a Storage Facility

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Self-storage owners rent out storage spaces to tenants on a month-to-month basis. These storage units help homeowners reduce clutter, guarantee the security of the stored items, keep homes safe, and facilitate hoarding for later use. Plus, entrepreneurs have access to an emergency, seasonal, home office, and temporary storage on a need-to basis. In turn, the service providers must have ample security at each site. Here are such actions and their value to the users.

Security Locks

a digit combination padlock securing a storage unti

Often, tenants feel comfortable using their custom security locks to achieve the security level they want. This move may be risky if a customer opts for cheap locks that compromise security at the facility. To address this, the owners should use high-security locks like a cylinder-lock system or a bump key. These locks have no lock body or shackle that intruders can cut through. Hence, they are superior to the generic padlocks with jam-prone keyways.


a handyman installing a surveillance camera

Every self-storage unit needs 24/7 monitoring. One quick solution is by placing a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). It is a surveillance system that uses video cameras to monitor and record activities in some regions of the premises. The cameras can be visible or hidden, depending on the business owner’s preference. Hence, these systems help in:

  • It deters crooks and their activities; intruders are less likely to break in where they spot a CCTV camera.
  • It allows for remote monitoring; a Network Video Recorder (NVR) will record, view, and send the footage to the interested party via an internet link.
  • It keeps the insurance costs down; insurance firms are more likely to offer lower premiums where there are adequate security measures like CCTV installations, especially for storage units holding precious items.

Smart Entry Technology

a woman using her smartphone to unlock her storage unit

Storage Smart Entry, or pin code entry, is the latest way tenants gain access to the self-storage units. Here, the tenants rely on their smartphones or Bluetooth to unlock their storage spaces. It is a step in automating rentals for superior customer experience. Anyone using a self-storage facility with a Storage Smart Entry feature can enjoy the next benefits:

  • No need to worry about misplacing keys or forgetting the gate codes.
  • It automates over-locking and access recovery for delinquent units; a handy option for self –storage owners and tenants alike.
  • Gets rid of regular locks that are prone to break-ins; the Storage Smart Entry uses tamper-proof electronic checks at each door and thermal motion sensors to detect any unusual movements.
  • The means gives a competitive edge to the owners.

Other Security Measures

a security officer talking on his radio

Note that any crime at the self-storage facility may tarnish the business reputation that took years to build. Apart from the above physical security measures, the self-storage owner must observe the following for a strong self-storage security plan:

  • Maintain a cordial relationship with the local law enforcement.
  • Utilize an effective software management system.
  • Implement a reliable rental agreement.
  • Employ or be an honest and proactive manager well trained for each task; this manager has access to your confidential information and is the link between the tenants and your investment.

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