Things to Consider When Launching a Self Storage

Things to Consider When Launching a Self Storage

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Small businesses depend on self-storage facilities. Here, they can store their goods for hours, days, weeks, and even months. Because small business owners are many, starting a business in this field can be lucrative. Some things to consider when building a self-storage facility include:

Building Cost

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Consider the funds needed in building a self-storage facility. Sometimes, building it from the ground can be very expensive. When it goes beyond your initial budget, you can consider buying an existing one if it will cost you less. Since old facilities have their challenges, know why the owner is disposing it, and look at its condition.

Research and Planning

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Do a feasibility study of your business and see whether or not it is viable. This step allows you to understand the population growth, demand for the service, competitors, and other crucial information. Brokers, trade shows, and visiting sites are excellent places to get such information.

After gathering all the information, go ahead and plan how you will run your business to ensure you reach your break-even point soon. Will you hire a manager to run the business, or will you do it yourself? Although most people prefer hiring a manager, it is possible to manage it yourself and perform exceptionally well if you have enough information.

Plan on how you will make profit after reaching break-even and how you will increase it without losing your clients.


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The location you choose for your business determines its success rate. One business’s strategic location may not be strategic to another. So, consider your target market and select a location you can be easily accessed. It helps clients to have a smooth flow when storing and removing their goods from your storage.

If you set your business too far, you may put off potential long-term clients. It will incur higher transportation costs, and businesses focus on cutting costs.

Still, make sure your location ensures the security of your clients’ goods. Avoid areas with a reputation for theft. Most people will not risk keeping their products in places where there are security concerns.


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Consider the marketing channel that will help you reach a vast audience. Plan for the type you intend to use. Will it reach your target as you would like? Will it communicate and help them relate? What is the chance to have high conversion rates? If the channel you have can fulfil all these questions, then it can be efficient.

Because marketing is a sensitive area, consider outsourcing the service if you are not good at it. It will help you avoid wasting time without getting results and concentrate on what you can well.


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Before and after building a self-storage facility, you require licenses and certificates to fulfill legal obligations. Make sure you get the relevant documents to avoid trouble with the authorities. Finding help from a qualified attorney helps in not overlooking or missing essential certifications.

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