Trends In Self Storage Designs

Trends In Self Storage Designs

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The Self Storage industry is rapidly evolving as more Australians are seeking storage solutions that better meet their needs. While conventional designs remain strong, multi-functional spaces are increasingly in demand.

You don’t necessarily have to follow all the latest Self Storage designs to stay in demand, but by incorporating some of the hottest trends, you can provide your clients what they want and need and keep your business relevant.

When it comes to determining the best design trends to incorporate in your facility, you can discuss Self Storage designs with a consultancy like Steel Storage.


Both city and suburban areas are already heavily developed, making it harder to find large development sites. For this reason, storage facilities often choose to build small. Small sites can be tucked into smaller areas between existing buildings or built up into multi-storey facilities, adding space with height rather than sprawling width and length.


In places where new building sites are scarce, some facilities are converting large abandoned buildings and old warehouses. These types of buildings are often the ideal size for Self Storage facilities and have plenty of room for alterations. However, they can also come with drawbacks, such as fewer entry points and limited access, which can make the site less convenient for customers.


Plain, garage-like Self Storage designs are a thing of the past. These functional-but-unattractive sites certainly did their jobs, but today both customers and cities are demanding more. New facilities are frequently required to blend with their surroundings. To do this, they must be designed to look much like other buildings in the area, whether those are apartments, offices, or shopping centres. Rather than galvanised metal, facility owners can use glass, bright colours, and durable fiberglass siding to create attractive, functional buildings.


The exterior of a Self Storage facility isn’t the only thing that matters. Its interior is important, too, since that’s where a client will spend most of their time. Make sure you’re your facility is welcoming. Consider adding a variety of display units, mailbox units, pack-n-ship services, and an attractive waiting area complete with WiFi for adults and toys for children.

Building Codes

When building or designing any Self Storage facility, understanding building codes is essential. Building codes can impact each stage of the design and building process. For example, all facilities must be accessible. Each facility must be completely accessible for everyone, and there must be paths of travel to them. Knowing and understanding the building codes can keep you from making costly and potentially harmful mistakes.

Steel Storage has more than 20 years of designing and developing Self Storage facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia. We can help you create attractive, functional, and consistently high-quality facilities. Contact us today to find out more about your options.

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