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 Products to add to your self storage facility

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 Products to add to your self storage facility

When you manage a self storage facility, finding new ways to assist customers helps increase your bottom line. In addition to offering climate-controlled facilities with on-site security, consider adding Self Storage Products for the benefit of your customers. These types of Self Storage Products make storage units more convenient and useful for your customers and more profitable for your bottom line.


PINs for accessing units

Padlocks are an insufficient method of securing the doors of storage units. A would-be thief could easily carry a hacksaw and cut off the lock in 60 seconds or less. The keys can be lost or stolen, requiring you to replace the lock or make extra keys. Electronic access enhances the security of each unit and the facility overall. Consider installing keypads with unique PINs for each customer. If a storage unit is rented by a family, each member of the family could access the unit with the code, and you wouldn’t have to make multiple keys.


Packing materials and boxes

The customers using your storage facility may also benefit from Self Storage Products such as packing materials and boxes. Stock a supply of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newsprint for wrapping, tape, labels and permanent markers. Used boxes present the risk of pests, and no customer will want to risk a pest infestation of their belongings. Offering brand-new boxes at fair prices allows you to provide your customers with more services. Stock a range of box sizes. Be sure to include a supply of specialty boxes for china and glassware. Wardrobe boxes could also be helpful to your customers.


Shelving units

Your customers may be storing items that should not be stacked on top of each other. For example, boxes containing glassware and china should not be stacked. Offer shelving units in your selection of Self Storage Products for your storage rooms. You could also offer the service of setting up the shelves when a customer requests them in their storage area. Shelves are durable and reusable, and your investment would easily pay off after a year or two of customers renting the shelves.


In-unit and hallway video cameras

When customers visit your storage facility, they want to know that they’re safe and their belongings are safe. Consider setting up a security system that includes in-unit and hallway video cameras. The cameras could be on all of the time, or you could set them up to record when motion or sound are detected within the storage unit. You might also set up app access so that your customers could watch their units by logging into an app with their smartphones. You could charge a fee for this type of additional security monitoring.


Bar code scanner and printer

When people pack boxes for their storage units, they might forget what’s inside. Taking a paper inventory might prove to be too time-consuming. Offer a bar code scanner and printer for your customers to use. They could set up their own digital inventory of what’s in their boxes.