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Ultimate guide to self storage development

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Ultimate guide to self storage development

The market for self-storage facilities once belonged primarily to industrial businesses, but Self Storage Development has transitioned it into one that serves retail and residential customers. Feasibility studies confirm the importance of choosing a location on a “major arterial” that offers high visibility. Many people find a self-storage location when driving by as well as by searching the internet, and first impressions often become lasting ones. With the selection of a site settled, owners can focus on the Self Storage Development factors that can point the way to success.

Choosing to Build a Multistory Facility

An alternative to the long rows of plain white buildings that once defined Self Storage facilities, a multistory structure with architectural features can complement a neighborhood. Its visibility tends to increase “faster and more convenient space rental,” and its height offers signage opportunities. The footprint may fit on a smaller parcel or an infill area that helps reduce the investment in land. Of importance to most owners, a multistory building stands out and attracts attention.

Developing a Site Plan

The layout of a site plan has a lasting effect on potential customers who evaluate its acceptability and on long-term clients as well. The planning that goes into the Self Storage Development of a site can provide benefits for many years, and the lack of it can create inconveniences from day one. Curb appeal equates to the welcome that visitors feel, and they expect it as soon as they arrive to inquire about a facility.

A functional office layout that allows access without going through a gate offers a pleasant start to a visit. When an inspection tour turns into a contract, customers prefer a gate keypad that allows room for a vehicle to pull up beside and enter a passcode without blocking traffic or sidewalks. Landscape architects who understand local zoning codes can create driveways that allow traffic to flow through the site and exit through the same gate.

A practical design prevents dead ends that require drivers to back out of an aisle. Most customers experience driving a rental truck only occasionally, and they appreciate driveways that let them negotiate turns with ease. Land that has natural elevations presents optimum conditions for architects to incorporate them in multi-level structures, Lush landscaping around the gate, office and building perimeters enhances the curb appeal and makes visitors feel welcome.

Enhancing Security

The concerns for safety affect a potential customer’s decision to sign a contract, and a proactive approach to security can attract new clients while keeping current tenants happy.

Self-Storage Development must include prominent illumination over the entire property and inside all buildings and hallways.

• Upkeep and Maintenance 
Fresh paint, cut grass and a proper office area help reassure tenants about the “safekeeping of their belongings.”

• Gates and Fencing 
A fence that surrounds a property prevents the appearance of vulnerability, and it keeps strangers out as well. Gates that allow a view from the office let managers keep track of traffic.