Why Security is So Important when Building a Self Storage Facility

Why Security is So Important when Building a Self Storage Facility

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It Ensures Safety

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Security is very important in a self storage facility. When people are looking for a self storage facility to store their belongings, they mostly seek for a storage where they can store their items safely. This means that when you are building a self storage facility, you must ensure that security is on top of your list.

Ensuring security in a storage facility is very important for many reasons. People often look for a storage facility they can trust. That’s why it’s important to have strict security compliance when you’re into building a self storage facility. You’ll want more customers to come back and new customers to come in. Remember, word of mouth is the most valuable source of marketing.

It Can Establish Trust to your Clients

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There are several things you can do to make your storage facility secure. The first thing that you can do is have gated access. Each person that has a self storage unit with you will be given a gate code. That way, only the people who have bought or rented units from your property will have access. This is an effective way to keep intruders out of the facility.

Another security measure you can employ is to have a CCTV system within your facility. Cameras from a CCTV system are highly visible and are a great deterrent for anyone coming into the property. If an incident does occur then you will have the perpetrator on camera and that person can be brought to justice.

Since there is more than one unit in the storage facility, it is important to have each unit secured and locked. The person renting out the unit should be the only one who has access there. When you’re building a self storage facility, it is important that each unit has its own unique locks. Most of the time the person renting that specific storage unit supply their own padlocks making sure that nobody – including staff – has access.

Better Storage Units Equals Higher Prices

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Units with alarm systems can be offered at a higher price. If someone who is not authorized to open that unit attempts to break in, an alarm will go off and alert the staff. Door alarms are an effective way to protect your storage units. The person renting the unit should be the only one who has the alarm code. That can be a way for them to shut off the alarm. After all, a loud banging alarm system would scare off anyone who tries to break in.

Security gives peace of mind to anyone who is looking for self-storage. They can store their items confidently without any worry.

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